Tuesday 31 July 2012

NewFOs for July

I decided and my stash dictated that I would be adding a sash to my
Great Granny Along quilt. 
The top is all sewn together and now I have to dig through
some more to see what I'll use for the backing, I hope I have
enough flannel scraps.
This quilt went together very fast and has used up alot of scraps
that were just begging to be called into action.
It's going to be so cosy for the
coming winter months.

Next up is a quilt for
100 Quilts for Kids
This is my 7th so far this year for a womens' shelter in
Prince Albert, SK.
I have some flannel waiting in the wings for the back.
Have you read about this cause?

Yesterday I found myself fiddling around at my machine
and the next thing I know I'm making a few more of the trees
from the scraps of yesterday's post. These are fairly small
at 1 1/2" ~ 2" for the evergreens and the tree trunk
is 4" tall.  I haven't got a clue where this is going but I'm
sure I'll have fun getting it there.

Bullet wants to remind all of you pet-parents that
with  August looming so to is
So scrub up Scooby, tidy up Tigger and all the rest
of our 2 and 4 legged furry/feathered/scaley babies,
grab a quilt and start snapping your award winning photos!
Well that's my collection of this months Newfos
which reminds me that if you don't  have enough Newfos
and need a reason for more click here

Join the challenge ~ Feed the Need

Monday 30 July 2012

Dots, a Tree and a....Close up of sorts?

Here are the dots that frame the tree.
Sew Lux Fabric & Gifts have this fun tutorial over at their place.
It's got alot going for it,
it's quick,
it's cute
it's Christmas(y)!
I didn't follow the tute verbatim but I really like my results.
This measures 8x10"s and to hang it I found one of those things
flip flops are displayed on in stores,

and I had a short strand of beads that fit in the hooks
so I attached them to the corners and there we have it!
The picture isn't doing the colours justice here
(I think it could be new camera time).
Now for the Hog portion of this post...
our camera crazy rottweiler goes just a little nuts whenever
I want to snap a few shots!
Talk about a close up.
Here's Bullet, behaving herself.
We're going to have to work on our entry for
coming in August.


Sunday 29 July 2012

Got PIGs ?

How many pigs do you have lying around?
Just waiting in the wings or closets, cupboards or
beside you comfy chair?
Projects In Grocery bags

So come on, squeal...
how many ? 

Here's what I've got so far:
Great Granny Along,

100 Quilts for Kids,
Whirlygiggle Quilt,
to name but a few.
I know there's more peeking out and around corners
waiting for their completed debut.
Funny thing is, no matter how many I have oinking away
I have to start another project...last night I worked on some more of my
These little guys are like eating potato chips,
you can't have just one.

Friday 27 July 2012

We're the Hex Girls...

and we're going to put a spell on you!

I've caught the bug! Hexies are fun and fast,
even for a hexie virgin like me.
These gems are all over blogland and now I see why!
I was the lucky winner awhile back from Sara 
for a bag of flannel hexies and some templates.
Last night was the night to pop my cherry with these
and it felt sew good!

I'll need to print off more templates and in the pursuit of locating
Triangles, squares, circles you name it it seems to be there.
Just click on graph/grid paper when you check it out.
Put in the dimensions you want and print.

Wednesday 25 July 2012

Three Cheers for ...


I was taking a wander through the clearance section,
 nothing caught my eye
 until I saw a little of this peeking out,
"Three Cheers" by The Buggy Barn
Henry Glass & Co.
Happy dance, you betcha.
A generous 2+ meters for $2.00/m.
I love when things like this happen.

Friday 20 July 2012

Books and Blocks...a case to be made...

This bookcase is all that remains from my youngest, CJ's, captains bed.
So on one of the muggiest days so far this summer, I assembled the loft bed
we picked up. After much blue air & buckets of sweat, I got her done! Yay!
CJ's happy in his "Nest" but now he'd like to make the space under the bed into a
That's where of course the old bookcase will come in.
I'm going to cut it down a few inches and I think repaint it.

Here's my baby, hangin' around.
I like the scrolly cuts on the top but it needs something.
Then I found these 2 quilts I made for him a few years ago.
Scooby Doo with bananas is 5yo.
CJ loves bananas!
and his Bear quilt made from flannels is going on 9yo soon.
The quilting is second rate at best and it's wrinkled and wonky
but CJ loves it and has requested that both these and his
Radical Robot quilt make their home in "the Nest".

Tuesday 17 July 2012

Welcome to my World

My space may not be big and spacious like some

My space may not have all the bells and whistles like others

But it is my space and it's my little bitty slice of heaven,
adorned with some of the quilties from Sandie's swap
(scroll down my sidebar and give the button a push to join the fun).
A couple of minis and that green "quilt" above was "made" by my youngest
and his classmate  when I was feeling rough.

I'm hoping hubby picks up a cabinet today in the city so I have a place
to keep my fabrics together, I've misplaced my
Beatrix Potter fabrics after our basement flooded and have yet to locate them.

Saturday 14 July 2012

Swap and a Win

New  QUILTIES  arrived today!!

The theme was black/white with one colour.
On the left is a creation by Marilou,
center stage finds Laurajane's lovely
also from Laurajane is the handbag charm {So cute}
Linda made this wonderful silhouette on a polka dot background.
I love them all and they will all be hung up in my sewing space.

Up next is a win from http://sewsweetness.blogspot.com/

Ironically I've been wanting to try hexies and now I have a great start.
I believe there's approximately 100
and 2 magnificent charm packs.

YUMMY fabrics and
the HEXIES are flannel

Friday 13 July 2012


The past couple of days have been a real work out for my
there's some of these...

 and this,

and that too...

I have a couple more blocks to go for my
This quilt top is coming together so quick for me,
I just love it.


Superstitious? or Not?

What's your spin on
Friday the 13th

I don't mind the day at all. In fact I always look at the new calander to see how many
there will be 1,2or 3!
The 13th is a number that has cropped up in my life a few times,
I was born on the 13th of August,
my brother was born on the 13th of March,
I turned 13 on Friday the 13th, 1976,
I goldsmithed in my family's business for 13 years,
I was with my first husband 13 years before we were married,
we were separated 13 months after the marriage,
{thankfully it didn't take 13 years to divorce him}.

I'm not really all that superstitious and I believe we make our own "luck"
good or bad.
I just think it's amazing how some would have a number dictate
how they conduct themselves.
How about you, are you superstitious?
Does 13 play a part in your life?

Either way I hope you have a fantastic FRIDAY the 13th.

Thursday 12 July 2012

Aaawwww Crap!!

Looks like I'm getting out the old seam ripper (sigh)
Oh well, 1 out of  12 isn't so bad.
This is my 12th of 15 blocks for
Back to my sewing machine.

Happy Stitching  :o)

Tuesday 10 July 2012

Sew far, Sew good

It's been hot, I mean sitting and sweating while not doing a thing, stinkin' HOT!
I have, however, gotten right into sewing up my blocks for

I'm addicted to thses blocks

They're so quick to put together

and do these blocks help use up scraps

I seem to have
somewhat figured out.

Monday 9 July 2012


Can anyone in blogland help me out?
I have been trying to set up a Flickr account so I can complete my sign up with Lori and her Great Granny Along BUT  everytime I go to the sign in and click on sign up with GOOGLE I'm put into the page for Flickr account name/availability, birthdate, CONTINUE. When I click on CONTINUE the site crawls along and then kicks me right offline. I checked the diagnostics offered and sadly I do not know what my SSL? or TSL? is or where to look for these. I've tried a dozen times today with the same result.  I'M TOTALLY BUMMED BY THIS and just a little po'd at myself. I mean Lori even has a link for a tutorial to sign up for pete's sake!  I followed it and then nada.

GREAT SCOT!!! It's the....

join here ~ I did!

I don't know what's come over me lately, in 2 days I've joined yet another QAL.
This one is a real beauty,
it's a great way to use up even more scraps
and the outcome is,
(to see what this gorgeous quilt looks like finished, click "join here")
Trust me, you are going to want to have a gander people!
One more thing,
if you join there's one heck of a giveaway too!
Sew why are you just sitting there?
Come sew with us!

Sunday 8 July 2012

I Did It!!

I joined and I'm looking forward to my first Doll Quilt Swap.
This is going to be great,
what a wonderful way to try something new be it a pattern or a technique.
We're looking for more participants,
interested to learn more?
{click the button in my sidebar}

Friday 6 July 2012

My Oldest with My Latest...

This is the first of the next bundle of kiddie quilts for the womens' shelter.
My oldest, "D", volunteered for pics
(he was battling the wind)

and I was not winning with the sun
(sorry about the crappy shot).
As you can see I mixed the quilting on this one,
straight lines on the green solid
free motion on the print.
The backing is a bright yellow floral print on flannel.
On to the next for the
see previous post

Wednesday 4 July 2012

I just read about this blog hop and I wanted to make you aware too!
(click the link and bring a tissue)

My husband and I had the opportunity a year and a half ago to foster 2 children,
since that time we went through the courts and we will have them with us until they are adults.
We couldn't see these siblings separated, their lives were in enough of a mess.
After having our new additions settle in and begin to thrive I wanted to do more.
That's when I started making kiddie quilts.
One quickly became two and then three, four and then five!  

I've been making quilts for little ones that are finding their lives turned upside down by family breakdown for about 6 months now.
This bundle went to a womens' shelter this past winter

I've got the beginnings of another bundle on the go ;o)