Friday 20 July 2012

Books and Blocks...a case to be made...

This bookcase is all that remains from my youngest, CJ's, captains bed.
So on one of the muggiest days so far this summer, I assembled the loft bed
we picked up. After much blue air & buckets of sweat, I got her done! Yay!
CJ's happy in his "Nest" but now he'd like to make the space under the bed into a
That's where of course the old bookcase will come in.
I'm going to cut it down a few inches and I think repaint it.

Here's my baby, hangin' around.
I like the scrolly cuts on the top but it needs something.
Then I found these 2 quilts I made for him a few years ago.
Scooby Doo with bananas is 5yo.
CJ loves bananas!
and his Bear quilt made from flannels is going on 9yo soon.
The quilting is second rate at best and it's wrinkled and wonky
but CJ loves it and has requested that both these and his
Radical Robot quilt make their home in "the Nest".

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