Wednesday 4 July 2012

I just read about this blog hop and I wanted to make you aware too!
(click the link and bring a tissue)

My husband and I had the opportunity a year and a half ago to foster 2 children,
since that time we went through the courts and we will have them with us until they are adults.
We couldn't see these siblings separated, their lives were in enough of a mess.
After having our new additions settle in and begin to thrive I wanted to do more.
That's when I started making kiddie quilts.
One quickly became two and then three, four and then five!  

I've been making quilts for little ones that are finding their lives turned upside down by family breakdown for about 6 months now.
This bundle went to a womens' shelter this past winter

I've got the beginnings of another bundle on the go ;o)

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  1. So nice to make something that will warm someone's heart and soul. Keep stitching!


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