Sunday, 4 August 2013


After weeks of packing, and then waiting for paper work to get sorted out,
we have moved into our house!
Let the renos and unpacking and moving the same piece of furniture umpteen times to clean,
 paint, lay flooring (only after trying to get it down the day before our stuff came in) only to find 
Mr. had grabbed the wrong underlay, begin! Dang it!! Oh yes, let's not forget the teensy fact that we
have zero water!  Thank goodness we have the shop a couple of blocks away and I can be assured
(so I'm told by Mr.) that he will get the water hooked up as soon as we return from our camping trip.
After he repairs and replaces all the pipes the froze and burst, a lovely surprise, by the way ;)
Things happen though and as long as the boys are happy (they are) and I can muddle through (I can),
we'll be A~OK!
I miss my sewing machine but I am going to find something to take camping, the boys can fish.
I'll see you when we get back,