Saturday, 27 September 2014

X's and Z's

The "X's" for an upcoming event.

and now for the 

10 minutes after I put the final stitch in  her new bed little Miss zonked right out!
(note that Foxy has her own quilt too).
If you're wondering what's with the shaved belly peeking out there,
it's due to her spaying. 

Danny + Carli =  Cuddle Time!


Saturday, 20 September 2014

We've got mice!!

The cooler weather has been driving the mice in already here and let's just say that
 "evidence of said creatures" was found last week in our bathroom and kitchen.
So, we decided to rescue a young cat from the Prince Albert SPCA and came home with this clown!


Here she is hamming it up for the outstanding staff at the SPCA.

Too funny! And those whiskers and eyes are amazing.
Well hubster said "while we're here let's have a look at the dogs."
Our beautiful Bullet passed away in May and it's been hard for me with the house so empty since the boys have gone back to school.
This little girl had not been put on the SPCA website yet and never will. 
Both Fiona the Fox (aka Foxy) and Carli came home with us Thursday.
I think Bullet would approve.


Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Purge Finish

It may not have been what I was striving for but I did finish one of the three quilts
I had intended for Stitched In Color's PURGE.

This is the largest quilt I have ever completed and it made a nice dent in my scraps.
It measures 70" x 80", a monster for my books!
I wanted a size that kept my foster son covered even when he's been rolling all over the place in his sleep!  This bad boy will do just that.

I thought quilting this big guy was going to be a problem but nothing could be further from the truth!
It all came together nicely.

The back is a collective of large scraps and a small quilt top that I just couldn't get excited about no matter how hard I tried. So in the spirit of being frugal (not cheap), I added the not so loved quilt.

One down and 2 more, this size, to go!  
But first I'm in the middle of constructing a special something for a new arrival tomorrow ;)
Check back then.

Monday, 1 September 2014


Hello again my friend.

Fall, is said, to be the second spring when all the leaves are flowers.

The time of year when there's a chill in the air but you're not freezing your buns off.

I love all the sensations of this glorious season.
The sight of the colours,
the sounds of the geese feasting in the fields before they take flight,
the smell of Mother Earth, apple pies and stew on the stove,
the feel of the nippy winds blowing upon my face,
the coziness of our homes.

Have you ever really seen the sky so blue as in the autumn?

The way that the colours can be bursting one minute and the next muted and subtle.

The bounty of the harvest.

Yes sirree, I'm a fan of fall!
How about you?