Friday, 24 February 2012

Welcome Payton Marie

Meet our brand new Granddaughter, Payton Marie.

Our Grandson, James, proud big brother.

There's been zero sewing around here the past week and a half
but that doesn't mean there hasn't been some creating going on!
I'm starting to feel abit better,
 still dealing with headaches but they're
not as bad as they've been.
I sure am looking forward to getting back to my sewing machine.
I want to try a different technique for quilting, turning my machine.
I've got my Mini Challenge to get an idea for and sew together,
finish 2 more charity quilts
and, and,and!!!
I hate being sick :(

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Still not in the PINK

I am still feeling crappy, I just can't believe this flu.
I have been battling a headache for over a week and can't get the
steam up to do anything at all. Washing the dishes did me in a few days ago
and my hubby gave me supreme heck about it too. He's been a rock.
I'm sooo far behind it's not funny, to top it off I feel absolutely
guilt ridden.
Hopefully this coming week will give me some relief.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Christmas Quilt Along...HELP PLEASE!

Does this combo  work?       
be honest
I don't mind criticism.
                                     It's just that I'm awful when it comes to this type of thing. 
                                                       I'd rather do some stash busting
                                                            but if this isn't going to work,
                                                                 I'll have to purchase :(

We're off and coughing,

Today's the day!!
We're all gathered, receiving our supply list and instructions.
I'm going to be delving into this blind since I've chosen to sew up the

Unfortunately I hit a snag.

I have been feeling progressively worse since Thursday and today I'm lucky to get this posted!
My oldest stayed home a few days  last week with a harsh cough and I managed to get it too!
My chest is smarting and I can't recall coughing myself into headaches for a long time.
Hubby will have to take at least D to the doc on Monday since he also suffers from what
I'm afraid could be a mystery cough (chronic).
I've been doing alot of reading since this started and we've had him to dr.s and specialists.
Allergies have been ruled out but D's been on an inhaler since last May, it helped immensely but
he still coughs somewhat. This new addition is kicking the crap out of him.
I may just get hubby to go to fabric shop for me on Monday too!
Not to worry I will be back in the pink this week.
Forgive me for the rambling content of this post, it's how my brain is functioning!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Christmas Quilt Along

There's going to be a choice of  a Mystery Block or do your own thing
you'll be all set before Christmas!
No mad stitching at the last minute, (I've done this too many times).
So shake out you party dress, bring your goodies and a bit of eggnog
if you like and let's have some fun!
Have a super day

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Feeling Blah :o(

Today my "D" needs some TLC and chicken soup.
Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

I Hugged My Postman!

Look at this bundle of  "TAZA" that arrived today!!
I have an idea for this fabric already,
it's so yummy!

Go on, Bust a Move!

What can it hurt?

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Ya up 4 it??

This challenge sounds like alot of fun!!
A great chance to try something new in mini size!!
are ya up 4 it???

Friday, 3 February 2012

Striped Giraffe

Another quilt top for Bogota.
I did get the bindings sew on the other 2 quilts

A bit more whimsy too!
Have a splendid weekend!

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Right On the Ball

No pics of stitchin' today but I'm busy dealing with some bindings.
My sons' grade 2 & 4 teachers are on their way to Bogota, Columbia
and  would like to take baby blankets. Sew I need to get some finished!
Have a great day and smile.