Saturday, 2 April 2016

Once I got started,

          After much deliberation over computerized verses mechanical, I finally made my choice(s).
In the end I decided to go mechanical and vintage.
I like that the decals are a worn, it makes me wonder what the person has sewn on this machine over the many years it was used. This vintage lady runs beautifully. She has amazing power and sews through practically anything thrown under her needle without hesitation. Isn't this design lovely?


Then I spotted this vintage machine and, well, it did need a new home so you know!
I'm having some trouble trying to find out anything about this machine. I'm not entirely sure if it's an Elna Supermatic or not. I love the colour and how it purrs along, it's so quiet that I can actually hear my tv without cranking the sound way up! So nice. A bit temperamental, his feed dogs aren't too partial to seams it seems. I hope I  can find the solution to his upset.

Last  but, not by any stretch, least my Bernina 807 Minimatic. 
What a joy to sew on and fast, holy smokes I think I'm in love!