Sunday 30 June 2013

Saturday 29 June 2013

Stitchin' Britches

I've been having some fun stitching up pj pants and shorts for the boys and myself
this past week.
My youngest wasn't around when I took the pics,
these are full length pants made from Goosebumps fabric I happened upon at Value Village.
All sewn from NEW LOOK 6441 (XS-XL) all in one envelope,
I love it.
My pjs are sewn from some of the 9 yards I picked a few weeks ago at a garage sale.

Then next week's forecast came up on the computer and it ain't pretty folks.
30C + with extremely high humidity. Yuck!!
I can't stand the heat as it is, so this was not good news,
however it is a great reason to whip up a skirt.
Garage sale fabric too!

I haven't worn a skirt in ages, at least 15 years! 
I found this super easy idea at a small snippet ,
and since I didn't have a tank (going to the city next week, guess what I'm picking up)
and I couldn't find my elastic thread,
I improvised, cause we can do that!
I just made a casing and ran  2 ~ 3/8" elastics instead of the wide (need to add that to my list).
The sash covers the top band for now anyways.
I do believe I'm getting hooked on stitching up skirts and the Mr. approves.
Yay! Win/ Win :)
There are lots of easy to sew, no pattern needed skirts out there.
Here's another cute skirt and blog over at
If you like vintage you're going to love this .

Saturday 22 June 2013

Oh Boy!

Here we go again!

Thunder storms are coming in the distance.

This is our shop, the village's old curling rink
and a wonderful space for the Mr. to store clutter up with lots of man stuff!

Must go batten down the hatches...again!
Hope the power stays up so I can get a little stitching time in ;)

Friday 21 June 2013

I'm so Spoiled!

Really, I am!
Like a puppy getting it's belly rubbed ;)
Look at this gorgeousness that arrived today!

I won the coin purse from   Pig Tales and Quilts
and just look at the surprises Thearica sent along too!!

How did she know that this is one of my all time favourite colours!!!

I just love my coin purse, Thearica wanted a tid bit of info from each entrant 
and then created our purses.
I just happen to love dogs and these retro pups are spot on!
Orange, it just makes me smile :)
and I love Riley Blake.
This girl is a mind reader, how could she possibly have known?

Thank you, Thearica! You made my day :)

The Time Draws Near

 I've noticed that quite a few of you, 
have yet to click the
BLOGLOVIN' BUTTON in my sidebar.
I don't want to leave you behind, just give it a click and say
over there, it's great!

Sunday 16 June 2013

Every Day is Dad's Day...BECAUSE

Father's Day, 2013, is very special this year for my brother and I.
In May, my phone rang and the number was my Dad's, I picked up and greeted him with 
a loving quip only to have a woman's grave voice telling me that he'd had a stroke that morning.
My heart went into my throat and my stomach did the elevator drop...
I received the same kind of phone call over 20 years ago when my Mom was 
admitted into the hospital with food poisoning and in less than 48 hours, was gone.
Dad is home now and doing fantastic!
Huge THANK YOU to the staff at both the 
Calgary Foot Hills Hospital
The Fanning Center.
He has lost some of the use of his left hand but he's working very hard to regain mobility
and has managed to go from a walker to a cane to some independent walking within his building.
Dad's spirits are bright and he's going to take up painting, something he's been wanting to try
but was too busy with his clock repairs, not a reality anymore with his hand.
My Dad, at 83, he's my hero!


Friday 14 June 2013

Friday's Paper Piecing Adventure

I thought today I would show you what can happen when the fabric piece you use 
isn't large enough!
I'll wager that most of those that pp have had this occur

can you see my faux pas? It was a little smaller when the block first went together,
I was so PO'd. However, I decided to take things in stride and not fix this but
instead have this block as a constant reminder to
"make sure my pieces of fabric are large enough to cover"
The finished block :)
Check out the other pp'ers hosted by Kristy @  Quiet Play

Tuesday 11 June 2013

G.S. Overload, Perhaps?

Not only did I surprise my Mr. (yep, that be 'im and our wee nipper)
but I walked away with 
an antique bed frame, complete
brand spankin' new light fixtures for the homestead
storage thingys that hang in the closet, also brand new
Danny wanted a vase
CJ snapped up fresh baked lemon squares
David, a little planter and cabbage seeds
and the icing on the cake...
we're talking about some serious yardage on most of these!
The deep purple/roses below,  over 9 yards!!!!
Isn't this retro fun flowery?
I have to go back and see if the rest sold or not,
if not then we're going to be dickerin'
On a side note, never leave your Mr. to pick up said G.S. items. At least not alone.
Why, you may ask.
The skunk went and bought a mini Baja dirt bike for the boys.
Can't say as I blame him though,
he practically stole it!  :)

Saturday 8 June 2013

Paper Piece Party

It's Friday (actually Saturday) and that means it's time to link up another 
for Quiet Play and the Paper Piecing Party.
I stitched this bluebird offered by Liljabs
and made it into a pillow.