Saturday 29 June 2013

Stitchin' Britches

I've been having some fun stitching up pj pants and shorts for the boys and myself
this past week.
My youngest wasn't around when I took the pics,
these are full length pants made from Goosebumps fabric I happened upon at Value Village.
All sewn from NEW LOOK 6441 (XS-XL) all in one envelope,
I love it.
My pjs are sewn from some of the 9 yards I picked a few weeks ago at a garage sale.

Then next week's forecast came up on the computer and it ain't pretty folks.
30C + with extremely high humidity. Yuck!!
I can't stand the heat as it is, so this was not good news,
however it is a great reason to whip up a skirt.
Garage sale fabric too!

I haven't worn a skirt in ages, at least 15 years! 
I found this super easy idea at a small snippet ,
and since I didn't have a tank (going to the city next week, guess what I'm picking up)
and I couldn't find my elastic thread,
I improvised, cause we can do that!
I just made a casing and ran  2 ~ 3/8" elastics instead of the wide (need to add that to my list).
The sash covers the top band for now anyways.
I do believe I'm getting hooked on stitching up skirts and the Mr. approves.
Yay! Win/ Win :)
There are lots of easy to sew, no pattern needed skirts out there.
Here's another cute skirt and blog over at
If you like vintage you're going to love this .


  1. You got your stitch ON girl. Good job!

  2. Go you with all the clothes making. I am impressed.

  3. Cute, cute, cute! You are so talented! Thanks for sharing!

    Cheery wave from


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