Sunday 30 September 2012

NewFOs for September

My  NEWFOs  for the month of September are a little sparse
but that's due to the fact that I need  to get some p.i.g.s
just plain finished!
However, this months offerings are

Archie and all his friends are destine for my hubby's lap,
now I'm not the only one working on this, in fact I'm more of the background noise,
my 8 year old is tackling this for his Dad's birthday, December 1st!
I'm stitching up a few paper piece blocks to use in a couple of projects for the
upcoming month.
Designs for these 2 blocks can be found at
Lastly, this quilt which I won the pattern during the Dots On Dots Blog Hop
from the ever so wonderful
This quilt design is called 
Sew there you have it, my September lineup for the

I'm also putting feelers out for any interest in a
(start date probably January 2013)
if you think you may want to join in just let me know.

Friday 28 September 2012

Calling all Pin Heads

I'm thinking of hosting a
I'm wondering if you would be interested?

Thursday 27 September 2012

Pardon Me...I Tooted!!

This has got to be the easiest way to make PINWHEELS...e-v-e-r!!!
I started with nothing when my kids came off the bus at 3:30 and I had
12 cut, sewn, cut,sewn,pressed,sewn into finished pinwheels by
suppertime at 5:00!
*just click on the pics*






This is my first tutorial, how did I do?
I can take constructive criticism so don't hold back,
how else will I learn, right?

Saturday 22 September 2012

Bev + Jill = GIVEAWAY!!

How would you describe this Calico Print Pincushion?
How would you feel if you could say "It's Mine!"?
Head on over to
and she will tell you what to do to win this bit o' pretty!
Even if you or I don't win Jill O'Leary is such a dearheart that she has tutorials on her blog

TUTORIALS that will show you how easy it is to make this beautiful pincushion
below as well as others.
Just scroll down the left side of her page and there you go!

You can also go shopping in Jill's ETSY store for little lovelies like this blue beauty.

I'm Doing The HUSTLE...R U? UPDATED!!

I'm heading back to the 70's/80's to do the hustle!
She's going to be our fearless leader in this 100 day sewing
Why not join our batch of unfinished quilters and crafters, with their wips and pigs in hand,
and make a pledge that you will make as much of a dent in your bundles as humanly possible
by DECEMBER 31, 2012?
All you need to do is make a list,
check it twice,
link to Kelsey's post tomorrow
and you're in!
Midway through we'll post our progress ( or lack thereof )
and then on December 31 another post of what we've accomplished.
Easy Peasy, right? Right!
Oh, by the way...
I heard on the QT (not really, Kelsey told us)
she's going to have
How's that for a little extra motivation?
Prizes and completed projects, a cleared sewing table ready for the New Year, Hmmmm?
Here's my list of P.I.G.'s (projects in grocerybags)
First up,
I've had this on the go for at least 4 years now.
the binding and label.
Not sure what's been taking so long with this.

My little guy needs a hand getting this quilt sewn up for Dad's birthday, Dec. 1.
CJ has picked all the fabrics and started sewing it together but got a little bogged down when he went back to school.

Now these have been in this state for the past 3 (or 4) Christmases.
They need to be finished!

I made such a great start and actually had the top finished in a short time but then I stalled out.
I need to get er done, winter's a comin'!

Keep going!

This is another P.I.G. that's been in the bag waaay too long.
I can't even remember when I started this Whirlygiggle.

This 9 Patch is even older than the Whirlygiggle,
I'm sew embarrassed.

Last but not least, I'm sure, (ya right!!) 
is this bag.
I've had the pattern for more than a year
and the bag I am using is pathetic.
Just to make things a little more interesting I'll add a few gifties for the Holidays,
let's see there's the teachers for all 4 of my kiddos,
one or two are expecting from what I'm told,
a couple of friends that go above and beyond...
I WON!!!
Yep, I won Cindy's Dots On Dots Giveaway!
I'm now the proud owner of this pattern
I'm going to add it to my list because it's sew darn cute,
I can't resist!
Thank you Cindy & Wilson!
So that's my line up for the
How's your list looking?

Friday 21 September 2012

Jennifer Jangles GIVEAWAY!!!

You don't want to miss this
Wait until you see what Jennifer Jangles aka
Jennifer Heynen, designer extraordinaire,
is offering 
there's this Bird Pincushion!

this Flower Pincushion!

Not to mention Otis and Rhubarb!
But this is just the tip of the iceberg!!
Oh Yeah...
handmade ceramic buttons,
art bag,
the list is as long as your arm
get this...
you can have up to 16 entries !!
You read it right,
16 entries.
Well don't just sit there with your eyes bugging out of your head

ps. could you leave a comment telling me you did?

Thursday 20 September 2012

You could...if you did....

If you were a member of the Doll Quilt Swap!
Just think, one of the members could be busy quilting their heart out
 just like Evelyn did when she made this beauty for me!
It's Bullet approved.
Sew why not join us?
just click the button
Happy Stitching!

Monday 17 September 2012

Quiltie fun

You've read about the
here a couple of times, these are my quilties that I embroidered for August's swap.
The theme was "stitches" and these little blocks I had were just the ticket!
My apologies for such a glare on this, (Photoscape can't fix everything).
Happy stitching!
Yep, I'm still playing with Photoscape.

Saturday 15 September 2012

Playing around with Gloria Swanson

I've been playing around with the fantastic tutorials
told us about for watermarks and signatures.
I see I have a few snags to hammer out.
I think I know what I did wrong...

I love, love,love Photoscape!
Thank you Connie for putting me on to this site, it's pretty user friendly so far!

Thursday 13 September 2012

Bordered Star...Accomplished

I'm beginning to "get" paper piecing.
I did have a bit of a time with this but once I slowed down and took my time,
it all came together!
This will be the start of a Christmas project so it's a good thing I started now!

Have a great day stitching away.

Sunday 9 September 2012

Randomness, a question and a modification

You could say it's been a wee bit damp in these parts,
this "growth" was growing in the front lawn.  The neighbour has all kinds of
mushrooms coming up all over his lawn as well.

It's clouds like this that's been bringing the rain and a few mini funnel clouds.
The cloud bank is starting to descend on the church,
there's a couple of bats living in the church belfry!
Our's is a small village of 170 peeps.
How many peeps live in your village, town, city,
where ever you hang your hat?
How's this for really gross?
Does anyone have a suggestion for getting this poor iron cleaned off?
I know it's a mess and maybe it's time to turn this into a paper weight
but I'm hoping I can save it and squeeze a little more life out of her.

I wanted to share this discovery with you,
it may be a big help to you while quilting!
Do you have a plastic quilting foot for your machine?
Does it have a closed oval/circle where the needle moves through?
Do you find that you can't see your work all that well?
If you cut out part of the plastic from the foot and file the edges smooth
you have a foot that you can actually see where you're going and what you're doing
before and during the time you're quilting. I have found that since I modified my
quilting foot, I have much better control and much better success!
Today I'm guiding my foster daughter towards the completion of her very first
doll quilt sew we'll see you later!
Have a stitchin' day!

Friday 7 September 2012

How are ya? Glad to see ya!


This picture just makes me chuckle and right now I need a chuckle!
(My boys just had "words" which saw one of them put in his room for a time out and the other sent outside)
Too much testosterone me thinks,
Okay. Now that my blood pressure is returning to normal? let's get down to business!
Have you seen this BUTTON yet?
NO! Well that's no good sew we need to fix that right away, yes?
 is the hostess for the November 5th ~ 13th
U R Priceless BLOG HOP
During this HOP we are going to be sewing coin purses just like the one in the button pic.
How stinkin' cute is this purse? All the deets are over at Katherine's and she's waiting for
Katherine and Madame Samm are providing all  that join with the pattern and short supply list.
If you've never sewn a coin purse (like me) now might be the time to give it a try!
Hope to see you HOPPING around and showing off your coin purse because
U R Priceless

Thursday 6 September 2012

Getting Things Done in a Timely Fashion

How do you get things finished?
 Do you procrastinate or do you roll up your sleeves and get at it?
It's easy to do the first but have you any idea just how much you can get done in,let's say,
15 minutes?
Ironically, I was checking out who's doing what this evening and popped in for a visit with
The Fuzzy Hat Quilter and wouldn't you know the topic of the post was"Time"!
Sew, I grabbed the button and I'm joining in,
I might even get in an extra 15 here & there!
I've been utilizing the "Madame Samm" way of time management with my
trusty chicken above. It's a real eye opener and on the first day
of using this technique I found and extra 1-1/2 hours and my bathroom was spotless
and the linen closet had been sorted (I've been so putting this off) as well as my carpets vacuumed,
kitchen floor washed, the beds made, supper on the go, a load of laundry in the dishes washed!
Not bad since I was finished at 1:30 this afternoon and had my sewing time/me time
until 3:00 when the school bus dropped off my kiddos!
Not bad, eh?
So there you have it,
a couple of ways to gain a little time each day or whenever you need it!