Friday 31 August 2012

NewFos and a lesson learned

The beginnings of a project for next month  =D
This is the first of a few "NewFO's" for this month!
What's a "NewFO"  you maybe asking?
Well NewFOs are projects we start in a month and at the end of the month it
doesn't {repeat doesn't}  have to be finished! 
That's right no pressure here except to start a new something or other.
It can be anything from embroidery
to a quilt
to a wallhanging
to a hot pad
to a you get the idea!
My second NewFo is going to be a wallhanging for my sewing space.
It's got a little wonky to it so this month I'll quilt it up and stitch on the binding.
A nice splash of colour.

                                                This is my very first attempt at paper piecing
I copied the pattern from Carol Doak's site, there is a number of free
downloads there. This pattern is a Beginners level and for the most part went fairly well.
It may help anyone wanting to try Paper Piecing to have a look at this
It was a huge help since I would have been placing my fabric on the wrong side
of the seam line. I also had to learn, the hard :O( way, to make good and sure to use fabric pieces
large enough to cover the area on your pattern! After I had sewn and ripped and sewn again,
when all the pressing was done, there it was, I had a little spot where the fabric didn't
come all the way over to the outside edge when it was flipped. I couldn't bear to tear the whole block apart so I'm going to embellish this block and proudly hang it on my wall as a
reminder to watch that fabric when pp.
That's this month's line up of NewFos!
If you want to join in and have some fun then give this button a click in my side bar
and go see Barbara, she's got all the deets.
Until next month...
Happy New Project Starts & Don't Sweat the Finish!

They've added 20 more spots

No they didn'
Oh YES they DID!
20 more seats have been added so if you want to be a part of the fun
click the button in my sidebar up there.

Tuesday 28 August 2012

from my stash to mo' stache

Sew I dug through my stash to whip up these
moustaches for the
They should be in Danielle's hands in a couple of weeks.
You can read Danielle's story if you scroll to my previous post.
Today finds me working on UFOs, I'm starting to feel alot better than the past couple of days
but today I can actually string together coherent thoughts, Yay!
So with the 'staches in their envelope all addressed and waiting to go, it's on to the next item,
the flannel quilt for the BofLF, I need to get this puppy quilted, I've been looking at and moving it back and forth too many times! See you later>>>>>>>>!!

Monday 27 August 2012

If you can't grow one....SEW ONE?

 Lynne of Lilys Quilts needs a moustache for Danielle!
Yes, it's a little confusing but if you click on Lynne, it'll all make sense. (I hope)
Go read her story and her appeal to the helpfulness of our wonderful quilting community.
It's all so simple, it won't take much time at all to sew up.
The moustache templates are provided too!
I'm going to sew up a couple of blocks and have them in the mail for tomorrow!

Sunday 26 August 2012

Sewing Spools Sniffling

The last couple of days have seen me a tad unwell.
I caught a flippin' cold, yip-eeee!
Not what I wanted to do right at the end of summer nor as the impending school year approaches.
It only took 2 weeks into the school year last year and all the kids had a sniffle to a cough to one staying home for a couple of days. The house could just not shake whatever it was for months.
Poor hubby spent last Christmas flat on his back, 2 weeks later, just when I was suppose to start a mystery quilt along I came down with it and was in bed for almost a week and then couldn't do much more than sit in my chair and watch TV for another week. What an ordeal, so here's hoping this goes and fast!
Now about the pic up there. I had read/seen somewhere a post on spool blocks and thought that they are quite cute, sew what's a girl to do but dive right in and this happened!
It still needs to be finished but I didn't have anything else to post about without having my wits about me!
luvin' the dots!

OKay, this one's a little wonky,

this spool has even more wonk to it but I like it.

I like the floral print for the thread on this spool.
It's funny, try as I might I could not get my head around anyone's tutorial for these
sew...I winged it! Yep, I just started pulling fabrics from my stash and sewed them together.
Yes, I know, that explains the wonky-ness to them but you know,
I still like it and I'm still going to put this mini on my  wall of fame!
You've probably seen this button/logo popping up all over the place since Saturday/Sunday

Well if you haven't checked it out you should because there are at last count
that's right, your eyes are not deceiving you!!!
See this button in my sidebar? or better yet back up to my post from the 25th and start
Here's another button you'll be seeing sooooon...
I got lucky enough to be included in this spooktacularly
 hosted by the ever so wonderful
Wendy @ Why Knot Kwilt & the amazing Madame Samm.
There could still be space for the WICKED BLOG HOP,
jump on your broomstick and fly over to Wendy's to find out!
One more thing I'd like to bring to your attention today if I may,

This button is also in my sidebar and I'd like to invite you, yes you, to join our group.
At this time we are 35 members strong but we would like to invite all quilters,
beginners, new bloggers and seasoned stitchers to meet some of the nicest folks blogland has to offer!
You don't have to have dolls to make doll quilts{I don't} I just like to hang these mini works of art on my wall in my sewing space. I find doll quilts are a fabulous way to try something new on a small scale and be able to complete it in a short time. It doesn't cost to join either like some I've seen.
Just click the button in my SB and your on your way. Believe me, if it wasn't easy to join I wouldn't have!
If you jump in now you might be able to get in on the September Swap {not entirely sure about this}.
Hope to see you at the next  DOLL QUILT SWAP.

Friday 24 August 2012

Celebrate Back to School Days-Blog Hop Party!!!

Are you ready to party 'til your purple ?
I couldn't wait so I'm starting a wee bit early!!!
Are you ready to meet some wonderful people  with some amazing blogs?
Blogs that are filled with stunning eye candy, invaluable information, tutorials & tips?
Blogs that are having  GIVEAWAYS?
I'm Carolyn and I'm so glad you dropped in for a visit today
I'm happy that you are navigating through the

Please feel free to have a look around while you're here, my door is always open.
Thank you Michele of The Quilting Gallery for being the "Hostess with the Mostess"
Now for the reason you're here
*the giveaway*

For your approval,
a box pouch,
a fridge magnet oven mitt!
{here's a close up}
Yep! all 3 to one lucky winner!!

Here's whatcha have to do to be entered
(1)You need to be a follower or become a new follower
leave me a comment letting me know you are (I'll be checking that you are)
 (2)  Leave a comment!
It can be anything your favourite colour, where you live, what kind of pet you have,
Please make sure I can email you,
no-reply = no winning
I will mail this giveaway internationally.
I will have my trusty Bullet choose the winner on September 4th.

Thursday 23 August 2012

Busy day ahead,

Today finds me shortening pants, adjusting skirts and all that other fun stuff
right before school.
I'll see you later.

Sunday 19 August 2012

Have you met Sandie?

I think this pup was hoping to roast that "dog" right where it lies.
There has been no reprieve from this weather save for two nights of having to actually hide under the covers.
I did manage to get the backing sewn together for my
Great Granny Along quilt and since there was so much of the pink floral 
  I decided that it was perfect.
I'm not a huge fan of pink so on the back of a quilt is just fine.
If you're wondering why I bought it in the first place
5+ meters for $4.99!
'nuf said, right?
I also have my quilties finished for the next round with the incomparable and very talented
Sandie of Sandra Kaye Designs.
Have you popped in for a visit over at Sandie's blog?
How about checking out and clicking to join in the fun with Sandie's
Quiltie Swap?
Every other month we are given a theme and we can take that and run with it to create
4 ~  4" x 6" QUILTIES
everyone mails their 4 QUILTIES to Sandie {including a SASE}
and when all the quilties for that month have arrived Sandie distributes 3 QUILTIES
back to each participant. Sandie keeps one QUILTIE in exchange for the return postage!
It's  fun waiting to receive your package, opening it up to see the  postcard
size creations from all over the world that have arrived.

These are just a few QUILTIES that I've received

I've got pics of more but I can't locate them in my computer just now.

I really like the Christmas themed ones

Sandie's next theme is "monochromatic" due October 15th.
I hope you pop in to see Sandie's blog 
and maybe I'll be swapping QUILTIES with you soon!

Friday 17 August 2012

Done and nearly done

I just mailed out my first doll quilt for the

I hope Evelyn likes it,
I won't post a pic until she receives it, probably in a couple of weeks.
Ahhh, snail mail.
The next project to complete will be a quilt for
Blankets of Love.
I just need to extend it another 8" on one end
and then we're good to go for quilting.

Thursday 16 August 2012

$2.99!! I love Value Village 'cuz

I find goodies like this! Over 2 meters of Possibilities.
2 meters of the blue check {flannel},
2 1/2 of the stripe,
over 5 meters of the pink
Then  I went to a GS and bought up all this

there's novelty prints
Canadian Maple leaves  & polka dots

owls & lots of Christmas prints

quite a bit of Batman
{sorry about the shine}

and some very generous cuts of fleece.

The day was nicely rounded out with this lesson in skateboarding!
Hub's a good sport, eh?
Thank goodness he didn't break his neck or hip ;)
That's about it for now!

Monday 13 August 2012

We had a GREAT time & I'm a 49er!!

These 4 characters had a blast this past week.
This little fellow, my kiddos named, Noah just came coming back all day!
Even with

Bullet {the diva of the campground} lying around.
Unfortunately I missed a shot with this brave bird jumping
up on Bullet's haunch.
Well she didn't lie around the whole time,
Diva loves the water, but did manage to pull something in her leg which slowed her down.
After a long drive home last night into this morning, and some much needed sleep,
Bullet seems much more herself.
Hubby managed some time alone and took the kiddies fishing, took the camera too
he just didn't take any pics! Too bad to since our little guy caught a
12" rainbow trout. Yep it got away!
CJ did say, when he came back, it will be a great story to tell his grandkids!
"Hilarious", considering he's only 8.
This gorgeous piece of heaven is a spot that my man & I found over 15years ago.
We just love it and it's such an intimate campground run by a fantastic couple.
This is me, enjoying the wee ones roasting marshmellows and giggling their heads off.
This trip was the first time our foster kids had ever been camping.
They and our boys are already planning  next year's excursion!

I'm also celebrating my 49th today!!

Monday 6 August 2012

Gone Fishin'

I'm going to be away for a few days...
we're packing up the kids, the dog & the tent.
See you Monday!

Saturday 4 August 2012

By George, I Think I've Got It!

Quite awhile ago I was going to use this quilt top for a backing
{I just never got into this for some reason}
 I'm going to finish this baby up and
donate it to the
Blankets of Love Foundation
for the Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon.
This foundation provides quilts for patients in hospital
that are being treated for mental illness.
has participating hospitals in several Canadian hospitals across the country.

Hi, I'm Bullet
#76 in the
My Mom & I would really like you to stop by for a visit,
there's quite a range of my pals in the show.
Budgies & Bunnies
Cats & Dogs
Turtles & Lizards
to name a few.