Monday, 13 August 2012

We had a GREAT time & I'm a 49er!!

These 4 characters had a blast this past week.
This little fellow, my kiddos named, Noah just came coming back all day!
Even with

Bullet {the diva of the campground} lying around.
Unfortunately I missed a shot with this brave bird jumping
up on Bullet's haunch.
Well she didn't lie around the whole time,
Diva loves the water, but did manage to pull something in her leg which slowed her down.
After a long drive home last night into this morning, and some much needed sleep,
Bullet seems much more herself.
Hubby managed some time alone and took the kiddies fishing, took the camera too
he just didn't take any pics! Too bad to since our little guy caught a
12" rainbow trout. Yep it got away!
CJ did say, when he came back, it will be a great story to tell his grandkids!
"Hilarious", considering he's only 8.
This gorgeous piece of heaven is a spot that my man & I found over 15years ago.
We just love it and it's such an intimate campground run by a fantastic couple.
This is me, enjoying the wee ones roasting marshmellows and giggling their heads off.
This trip was the first time our foster kids had ever been camping.
They and our boys are already planning  next year's excursion!

I'm also celebrating my 49th today!!

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  1. HI! Carolyn Thanks for shareing the family photos. It looks like fun was had by all.
    A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you .Hope you had a great day.


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