Tuesday, 28 August 2012

from my stash to mo' stache

Sew I dug through my stash to whip up these
moustaches for the
They should be in Danielle's hands in a couple of weeks.
You can read Danielle's story if you scroll to my previous post.
Today finds me working on UFOs, I'm starting to feel alot better than the past couple of days
but today I can actually string together coherent thoughts, Yay!
So with the 'staches in their envelope all addressed and waiting to go, it's on to the next item,
the flannel quilt for the BofLF, I need to get this puppy quilted, I've been looking at and moving it back and forth too many times! See you later>>>>>>>>!!


  1. Yea for your workin on a ufo! I've been trying to do that and I did finish 4 of them but, of course, I have a GIANT stack that I need to finish. I told myself not to start another quilt until I finished at least 4 more ufo's and I've started, count them, SIX new quilts. I'm sick, I tell ya!

    Thanks for stopping by Gina's blog! She was excited to hear from you! Me too! Love to read you!

    Cheery wave from

  2. So glad you blogged about the mo's.. I'm planning on making a few tonight for her too..

    Happy Stitches for Hot Minnesota~
    Laura Ann


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