Friday, 31 August 2012

NewFos and a lesson learned

The beginnings of a project for next month  =D
This is the first of a few "NewFO's" for this month!
What's a "NewFO"  you maybe asking?
Well NewFOs are projects we start in a month and at the end of the month it
doesn't {repeat doesn't}  have to be finished! 
That's right no pressure here except to start a new something or other.
It can be anything from embroidery
to a quilt
to a wallhanging
to a hot pad
to a you get the idea!
My second NewFo is going to be a wallhanging for my sewing space.
It's got a little wonky to it so this month I'll quilt it up and stitch on the binding.
A nice splash of colour.

                                                This is my very first attempt at paper piecing
I copied the pattern from Carol Doak's site, there is a number of free
downloads there. This pattern is a Beginners level and for the most part went fairly well.
It may help anyone wanting to try Paper Piecing to have a look at this
It was a huge help since I would have been placing my fabric on the wrong side
of the seam line. I also had to learn, the hard :O( way, to make good and sure to use fabric pieces
large enough to cover the area on your pattern! After I had sewn and ripped and sewn again,
when all the pressing was done, there it was, I had a little spot where the fabric didn't
come all the way over to the outside edge when it was flipped. I couldn't bear to tear the whole block apart so I'm going to embellish this block and proudly hang it on my wall as a
reminder to watch that fabric when pp.
That's this month's line up of NewFos!
If you want to join in and have some fun then give this button a click in my side bar
and go see Barbara, she's got all the deets.
Until next month...
Happy New Project Starts & Don't Sweat the Finish!


  1. Great projects. Your paper piecing looks really nice.

  2. Oh you have been busy. These are great projects. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Mentally I understand pp but in practice it just winds me up to no end. I prefer epp any day. Love what you have done though and well done you on doing the pp and knowing what you want to change next time.

  4. Ha! I've never heard of a NewFo. i love it. I love trying new blocks without any intention of doing anything else with it. So, you see, I have lots of NewFos. Love your pp block. Looks great and I love the fabrics you used. Are you going to do more with this block? Or will it remain a NewFo?

  5. I've just started paper piecing, too. I'm lucky that I quilt each week with several ladies that are great paper piecers, and they can help me out. Thank goodness I have LOTS of extra fabric for this project.


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