Sunday, 29 July 2012

Got PIGs ?

How many pigs do you have lying around?
Just waiting in the wings or closets, cupboards or
beside you comfy chair?
Projects In Grocery bags

So come on, squeal...
how many ? 

Here's what I've got so far:
Great Granny Along,

100 Quilts for Kids,
Whirlygiggle Quilt,
to name but a few.
I know there's more peeking out and around corners
waiting for their completed debut.
Funny thing is, no matter how many I have oinking away
I have to start another project...last night I worked on some more of my
These little guys are like eating potato chips,
you can't have just one.


  1. Honey, I have so is a crying shame !!!! The squealing would be sooo one could hear themselves think!! I took my list off my blog cause I never seemed to ge tto them and was adding to the list....sigh...

  2. Hay, I have a few also. You dog is sooo cute, my son had one that looked just like him. Her name was Deka. They are good dogs make great companions.


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