Monday 1 February 2016

Pieces of Me

My Dad & I,  this past October. He's 85 and going strong!
Below are Phil, Danny & CJ at the Drumheller valley edge.
It's been so long since I've been here that I almost forgot how to post! 
(I will admit that I'm finding myself at a bit of a loss for words.)
I have pieced a couple of quilts over the past few months but I only have pics of this one.
I believe it's Buggy Barn for the backing.
I hope some of you are still around out there,
I'd like to reconnect and gain some advice!

See you soon :)


  1. I know thousands have abandonned blogging for IG but there are still a lot of us bloggers out here!

  2. Hi Carolyn, nice to hear from you again. You dad looks fabulous and nowhere near 85

  3. Nice to hear from you again. Good luck finding your words again. Your quilt is beautiful.


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