Sunday, 8 December 2013

A Scarf, A Loan & A Van??

Last Thursday I was having to run down to the bank, in -35C weather on foot.

Our truck has been giving us major issues these past few weeks, a new to us vehicle was eminent.
Unfortunately, so was a  walk to the bank for me. UGH!!
I love the winter as long as I'm inside and warm and my family is the same,
I detest being in cold temps and having to get a loan on top of the cold weather at this time of year, 
was a major BUMMER!
Long story short, I nearly froze my ears off so I dug out this yarn and am knitting up an 

infinity scarf for myself!
Pretty, no?

Oh, yes...
our new ~ to ~ us van!


  1. You knit too? I keep saying one of these days I'm going to take knitting lessons, but never follow through. One of these days. LOL The scarf looks very nice from what I can see. Love the color of your new van. I can't imagine having to walk any distance with those temperatures.

  2. Love the scarf and it should certainly keep you warm. I'm very pleased you have a new van as in those temperatures it's far to cold to walk anywhere.


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