Tuesday, 2 December 2014


Today is my stop on 
Thank you Jo for hosting this festive gathering of cross stitchers.
This jolly little man of snow is "Mr. Frostickles"

There's a topic of discussion each year as well. This holiday season we're asking
"What's the Best Present You've Ever Received?"
It can be at any time in your life and from anyone.
Mine was a special soft sculpture doll I named Cathy.
 It was a gift my Mom busily stitched while I was at school.
Cathy came to me with a pink flannel nightie covered in tiny rose buds,
a dress, 2 pinafores and 2 pairs of bloomers! She had an embroidered face, long black wool hair done up in braids and bangs. I remember taking her everywhere and that's probably why Cindy,
 our beagle (who was extremely jealous), chewed her to bits one day!
Join us right up until Christmas and see all the lovely cross stitch this hop has to offer.


  1. I love Mr Frostickles! Poor Cathy. I bet your mum was cross with Cindy...all her hard work gone!

  2. Mr. Frostickles is so cute!
    What a lovely memorie from your mum's piece of work (not quite shure about a lovely memorie about the dog...)
    Have a wonderful Christmas season!

  3. Aww Mr Frosticles is so sweet!
    Cathy sounds like a much loved doll. Naughty Cindy though (:

  4. Mr. Frostickles is cute! Those were the days when our moms made our dolls and an entire wardrobe for them!! :)

  5. Pretty Christmas stitching. gosh poor Cathy.

  6. Thanks for taking part in the Blog Hop and sharing your story. My mum always made clothes for our dolls too, in the same fabric as our dresses usually.

  7. What a charming smile dear Mr F ! Great post, girls and their dolls.... Joyeuses fêtes de NOËL. Amitiés.

  8. Your Snowman is very cheerful...nice to meet you.

  9. Sweet snowman stitching. Merry Christmas!

  10. Too cute! The doll sounds adorable. Sorry the dog got jealous and ending your relationship. I had to hop by from the blog hop.

  11. Hey there... I hate to highjack your post... too sad about your doll......

    but blogger will not let me open email links right now..

    I wanted to let you know you won the batiks off of my blog during the last blog hop with Madame Samm.

    Please send me an email with your mailing info please. :)


  12. Oh, poor Cathy! It's amazing how jealous a pet can get; I can only imagine your heartbreak and your mother's probable frustration with Cindy!

    Mr. Frostickle is so cute with his twig hairs. And congrats on your batiks too haha. :D

  13. A lovely little snowman. And such a nice story about Cathy. Just the end of the story is not so nice. But what do dogs know about these things.

  14. Your snowman ornament is gorgeous

  15. Oh Cindy!! That is just too bad.

  16. Cute stitch and that Cindy was a naughty dog - lol!

  17. He is so cute!

    Poor dolly, I hope you have a picture of her somewhere?

  18. Oh gosh.....wicked dog! All the best to Mr Frosticles!

  19. What a cute snowman! How awesome that your mom made Cathy for you! I bet she was not happy with Cindy for chewing her up! I hope you had a very merry Christmas!


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