Thursday, 23 October 2014

I've Got ORTS!

Yep! ORTS, and I just can't shake them!
What's an ORT you may ask? 
"Old Ratty Threads", but they can be very contagious!
You could be a carrier and not even be aware of it.
this is what mine look like 

The direct result from this kind of shenanigans... 

Fox loves her quilt, naps with it all the time*
but I digress.

These are the real culprits to blame for my ORTS ~

Got a little too close to the edge on this one,
hope I can rescue it.

The polar bears are from a Wizzers kit,

Pumpkins & Pins

I saw this chap stitched by another in pinterest
(I'm not sure who it was)
and stitched up my own version. The snowflakes have a filament thread so they sparkle.

Just doodling around with needle & thread!

If you have ORTS you may want to check in too!
One more thing,
if you'd like to add to you affliction check out my previous post for a HUGE giveaway,
please let Nancy know I sent you.



  1. Fox looks so sweet with her quilt. Love those pieces you've done .... especially the polar bear.

  2. I love to cross stitch too. These are all so cute!

  3. I love all your little stitcheries. So cute - and great idea for the snowflakes. I bet they do sparkle and shine. And yes - your little dog, Fox and my fox coins purses do look alike. How fun is that? Fox is so cute all cuddled up in the quilt.


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