Tuesday, 31 January 2012


There are times when I really enjoy creating something completely fun and frivolous!
I'd been cruising around and came across Waldorf dolls.
I think these softies are marvelous so I decided to make one for my own pleasure.
She's quite a bonnie lass from her magenta footies to her flowered dress and fleece shrug.

I also had some fun making mice of various sizes.
This maiden stands 5" at the tip of her pert nose,
and if she feels up to the task, can hold a mini pincushion in her outstretched arms.

Sew up some fun today!

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  1. Your picture made me stop and take a look. I love dolls and yours is adorable! You can never have too many dolls, I always say. Do you think I'll ever grow up?


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