Thursday, 12 January 2012

What to do, what to do???

Here's my dilemma...

I'm getting ready to put my Whirlgiggle quilt together and low & behold,
nothing that was going to work for a backing in my stash (it's pathetically minimal).
As I pondered this annoyance, it dawned on me,
that I have a couple of quilt tops that are...
less than favourites.
 You know, the ones that you keep shoving to that bottom of the "to-do" pile.
The tops that simply make you muse, "what was I thinking?"
That's where this quilt top kept heading until yesterday.

 It is now going to play a part in the completion of this quilt.
It solves the backing problem perfectly.
I don't have to cut up fabric that I do like 
hang on to something that I know
I'll never finish as a quilt in itself
I save a few $!
It's a win,win.
So if you find yourelf stumped as to what to back a quilt with,
check out your pile of quilt tops! You may find a solution too!!

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