Wednesday, 18 January 2012

We be Cuddling Today Too!

Today's temp... -51C !!! Yikes!!!
I'm hoping to get my quilting done on this second snow day of this year.
Yesterday was a bit of a shambles with my oldest being up most of the night with the flu,
I was dog tired by the time 6:45am rolled around.
I got some sleep last night and I'm getting my computer(ing) finished right now so...
I'm gone!
I'll have picks up tomorrow of my accomplishments today.

Have a fabulous day.


  1. Brrrr! Stay warm! It gets cold where I live too, but not quite as cold as at your house today.

  2. snuggle time is always a great time. Enjoy...did you see the mess I'm in yet?? Goodness, I'm in a pickle of a mess!!! :):)

  3. Hope your child is feeling better and that you don't get it too. Take care of yourself and get some rest. And stay warm! ;o)


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