Friday, 19 December 2014

What's Your Reason?

Why do you cross stitch?

I'm not trying to be a smart~aleck!
 I'm genuinely curious as to your motivation for this form of art.


  1. I started cross stitching before I was a quilter. I just wanted something to do while my ex watched football. Then I became obsessed. I quit doing it when my eyes started to go and I started quilting. Hand applique has replaced it for me now. I just love having something to do with my hands that ends with an item I like to look at. I did cross stitch stockings from a wonderful pattern in the 80's. My son's fiance has one just like it done by a grandmother. They decided that was a sign they should get married. So you never know what impact your stitching may have-lol.

  2. I've always been crafty and had a blast picking out new crafts to do. When I was in high school I was walking through the store and saw that the counted cross stitch aisle had several beautiful things in it. I noticed a dragon pattern. (I love dragons!!) So I figured why not try it. I've been hooked ever since. I picked it up heavy after college and having my son. It's something I could do in the evening while watching TV. Now I can't imagine life without my stitching.

  3. I like it and it's very relaxing. ^^

  4. I used to cross stitch, and liked to do it while watching TV with my family. I have a hard time just sitting and watching. In the last 10 years, the only way I can do handwork is to take off my glasses. So much for watching TV! And, cross stitch kind of lost its attraction for me at that point.

  5. I started cross stitching when I was a pre-teen, after I learned embroidery. I started with stamped designs but quickly got bored with those and moved up to counted. I love seeing the design evolve from a blank canvas and be able to alter it to suit my needs.


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