Thursday, 4 December 2014

The Alchemist ~ One Huge A** Project

Crossed Stitches is hosting a  "HAP" SAL  in  2015.
 I have joined along with other fellow crazed cross stitch enthusiasts that enjoy a sizeable challenge. 
I'm talking 
HUGE here!!
(above picture from HAED site)

This is my recent purchase from Heaven and Earth Designs,
"The Alchemist".
I just love this chart, the character, the colours, all the craziness going on on that table.
My boys think it's fabulous too since they're both into science in a big way!
Here's the thing though, this chart is 450 X 677 stitches! 
That means the finished picture will be 25" X  37 5/8" on 18ct!!
Hence the HAP.
HAP stands for "Huge A** Project".
Hence HAP SAL to encourage and cheer on each others progress of their respective project or
projects (heaven forbid more than one of these at a time)!
So on the first of each month I will be posting my start and subsequent progress on "The Alchemist",
and cheering on the HAP participants. 
I'm just waiting for my cloth to arrive and Santa to bring me the floss ")

until next time,


  1. That is one HUGE project - enjoy stitching it! I hope Santa brings you the floss. I no longer have the attention span and/or desire to stitch big projects. :D

  2. Wow! He's awesome!! I can't wait to watch your HAP progress. The table will be fun to stitch!!

  3. HAP ... LOL Carolyn, do you know Kaelyn Angelfoot of Kaelyn's Creative Studio? You two should be friends! Both of you are Crazy Cross Stitchers! She would love this project too.

  4. Wow, that is an amzing project and I'm looking forward to seeing it grow!

  5. Wow also !! It looks fantastic he looks great love the skull !! You are definately talking Huge.


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