Saturday, 23 March 2013

Come, meet my "leetle" friends!

Meet Paddy O'Iron ;D
I finally did it and bought this new toy for my space.
It's got all the extras that will make my ironing a breeze and pressing matters,
well they just won't matter with an extra blast of steam!
It even has a low steam/high steam switch, too cool!
Not to mention auto shut off, retractable cord, a ton of vents, self cleans
and here's the biggy

A few weeks ago a couple of blogs I stalk, were asking the question,
"What's your favourite notion or tool?"
I mentioned my super handy spring loaded scissors!
These babies are fan ~ flippin' ~ tastic!
Thank you again, Peg :)
Yes I love my leetle toys, nice to know it's not just for guys to enjoy.
I'm now working on a couple of surprises (PIFs).
No peeking, just yet ;)


  1. I hate to admit it, but I get excited over my "leetle" sewing toys, too, including my iron. Those scissors look seriously lethal, but of course, I would be loving them! :O)

  2. Wee Paddy looks like a handy, dandy fella! :)

  3. very nice.....I need a good iron,but bought a new machine today; so have to wait I like the color too.

  4. Kissin the Blarney Stone again? Bring ye some lucky prices!


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