Saturday, 11 January 2014

Hexies Do I or Don't I?

I guess these hexies would count as a UFO, I've had them for at least 2 years now.
I took them when we went camping 2 summers ago and worked on them, then they sat,
until late last year, when I started sewing them together in a solid piece thinking pillow.
Since there's 90 of them, I didn't think that the end result would be very large or unique.
I have 45 stitched together and honestly they're not doing a thing for me.
I think I'll take them apart and stitch them together as they are in the top picture.
 I like it against a solid background, not the tablecloth it's sitting on right now,
but a white background instead.


  1. I like them as they are. Is the piece big enuf for a pillow front or a pouch?

  2. Love them both! Thanks for sharing! XO

  3. If you leave them as they are but put a few more on, square it off, and then stitch it with a solid border they would shine and you would save yourself all the extra work.

  4. You should join this EPP pouch swap,
    it would be a great way to use them and I even have a pinterest board with lots of ideas.

  5. I agree they would look great against a white background arranged as you have them in the first picture!! I have some hexies that I've had forever!!

  6. wow, what a job already on all those hexies
    go on pinterest if you want some ideas, searching 'hexies' will bring you to numerous wonderful ideas =D
    can't wait to see what you'll do =)


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