Monday, 13 January 2014

"GROW YOUR BLOG" Coming Soon

Vicky of  2 Bags Full  is hosting a  BLOG PARTY!
This is an opportunity to experience new blogs, new faces and new ideas, as well,
it's an opportunity to add to your followers and begin following blogs that you never knew were out there!
If you'd like to join in just click the link and it will whisk you over to get all the skinny from Vicky, you have until January 15th to sign up. 
 BLOG PARTY starts January 24th.


  1. have fun sweetie =)

  2. Hello Carolyn, Thanks for the link to Grow Your Blog and I called into 2 BagsFull (a lovely blog ) and hope I am not too late as I only saw this today for the blog party .I haven't done one of these before and it looks fun. Thanks x


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