Friday, 21 June 2013

The Time Draws Near

 I've noticed that quite a few of you, 
have yet to click the
BLOGLOVIN' BUTTON in my sidebar.
I don't want to leave you behind, just give it a click and say
over there, it's great!


  1. I was on Google Reader, so Bloglovin automatically inported all of the blogs I follow. I don't know if I show up as a follower, but I still am!!

  2. I follow via GFC. That's not going away.

  3. I joined and follow you with GFC and use Blogger dashboard Reading list. I click on you there and enjoy your blog.
    When you follow using Google Friend connect it puts the blog in both lists(Blogger Reading List and Google Reader)Only Google Reader is being deleted. After July it will only be in your Blogger Reading list.

  4. I follow through GFC and use blogger dashboard reading list as Jen above. So I wont be missing out on your posts!


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