Sunday, 16 June 2013

Every Day is Dad's Day...BECAUSE

Father's Day, 2013, is very special this year for my brother and I.
In May, my phone rang and the number was my Dad's, I picked up and greeted him with 
a loving quip only to have a woman's grave voice telling me that he'd had a stroke that morning.
My heart went into my throat and my stomach did the elevator drop...
I received the same kind of phone call over 20 years ago when my Mom was 
admitted into the hospital with food poisoning and in less than 48 hours, was gone.
Dad is home now and doing fantastic!
Huge THANK YOU to the staff at both the 
Calgary Foot Hills Hospital
The Fanning Center.
He has lost some of the use of his left hand but he's working very hard to regain mobility
and has managed to go from a walker to a cane to some independent walking within his building.
Dad's spirits are bright and he's going to take up painting, something he's been wanting to try
but was too busy with his clock repairs, not a reality anymore with his hand.
My Dad, at 83, he's my hero!



  1. So pleased your dad is doing so well.

  2. I am so glad your dad is doing better. The staff at the Foothills are really great. When my mom was ill and passed away five years ago the staff were so supportive. Here's to a great father's day and many more moments with your father.


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