Sunday, 9 September 2012

Randomness, a question and a modification

You could say it's been a wee bit damp in these parts,
this "growth" was growing in the front lawn.  The neighbour has all kinds of
mushrooms coming up all over his lawn as well.

It's clouds like this that's been bringing the rain and a few mini funnel clouds.
The cloud bank is starting to descend on the church,
there's a couple of bats living in the church belfry!
Our's is a small village of 170 peeps.
How many peeps live in your village, town, city,
where ever you hang your hat?
How's this for really gross?
Does anyone have a suggestion for getting this poor iron cleaned off?
I know it's a mess and maybe it's time to turn this into a paper weight
but I'm hoping I can save it and squeeze a little more life out of her.

I wanted to share this discovery with you,
it may be a big help to you while quilting!
Do you have a plastic quilting foot for your machine?
Does it have a closed oval/circle where the needle moves through?
Do you find that you can't see your work all that well?
If you cut out part of the plastic from the foot and file the edges smooth
you have a foot that you can actually see where you're going and what you're doing
before and during the time you're quilting. I have found that since I modified my
quilting foot, I have much better control and much better success!
Today I'm guiding my foster daughter towards the completion of her very first
doll quilt sew we'll see you later!
Have a stitchin' day!


  1. It doesn't rain in Canada! Only here. I've been telling myself that for 12 years!

    1. Try ironing a dryer sheet or two. It may not make it pretty but it will improve the performance! Wish we had your rain. We are in a record-setting drouth.

      Cheery wave from

  2. HI!Carolyn, Hope the wet weather clears soon. Thanks for the tip .
    Have fun together with the doll quilt.

  3. There is a product by Dritz "Iron-Off" Hot Iron cleaner. Buy at your local craft or fabric store or on line. Works pretty good. We are getting ready for fall in Columbus, OH. I love fall and the change of colors. Columbus is HUGE and I long to live in a small town like I grew up in. Have a great day!

  4. Bev is right - try ironing on a dryer sheet - it worked for me!


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