Saturday, 22 September 2012

I'm Doing The HUSTLE...R U? UPDATED!!

I'm heading back to the 70's/80's to do the hustle!
She's going to be our fearless leader in this 100 day sewing
Why not join our batch of unfinished quilters and crafters, with their wips and pigs in hand,
and make a pledge that you will make as much of a dent in your bundles as humanly possible
by DECEMBER 31, 2012?
All you need to do is make a list,
check it twice,
link to Kelsey's post tomorrow
and you're in!
Midway through we'll post our progress ( or lack thereof )
and then on December 31 another post of what we've accomplished.
Easy Peasy, right? Right!
Oh, by the way...
I heard on the QT (not really, Kelsey told us)
she's going to have
How's that for a little extra motivation?
Prizes and completed projects, a cleared sewing table ready for the New Year, Hmmmm?
Here's my list of P.I.G.'s (projects in grocerybags)
First up,
I've had this on the go for at least 4 years now.
the binding and label.
Not sure what's been taking so long with this.

My little guy needs a hand getting this quilt sewn up for Dad's birthday, Dec. 1.
CJ has picked all the fabrics and started sewing it together but got a little bogged down when he went back to school.

Now these have been in this state for the past 3 (or 4) Christmases.
They need to be finished!

I made such a great start and actually had the top finished in a short time but then I stalled out.
I need to get er done, winter's a comin'!

Keep going!

This is another P.I.G. that's been in the bag waaay too long.
I can't even remember when I started this Whirlygiggle.

This 9 Patch is even older than the Whirlygiggle,
I'm sew embarrassed.

Last but not least, I'm sure, (ya right!!) 
is this bag.
I've had the pattern for more than a year
and the bag I am using is pathetic.
Just to make things a little more interesting I'll add a few gifties for the Holidays,
let's see there's the teachers for all 4 of my kiddos,
one or two are expecting from what I'm told,
a couple of friends that go above and beyond...
I WON!!!
Yep, I won Cindy's Dots On Dots Giveaway!
I'm now the proud owner of this pattern
I'm going to add it to my list because it's sew darn cute,
I can't resist!
Thank you Cindy & Wilson!
So that's my line up for the
How's your list looking?


  1. Good for you! I love all your unfinished projects! Can't wait to see pics of them all finished!

    Cheery wave from

  2. Jsut compiled my list - yowsers!!! Love your list and visuals!

  3. Yes, I am! (doing the hustle) Good luck on getting all your old and new PIGs completed!

  4. I am definitely doing the hustle and I say better late than never on some of your quilts. What's 4 years? One time it took me just shy of 10 years to finish a cross stitch project, so you can do it. Plus I like the pics of your progress. Excellent idea!

  5. Love that Laundry Day pattern! Great list!!

  6. You have a great list! Love your PIGs! Not too bad with the 4 year quilt. I finished up one last year that I started about 8 years or so before, haha. I am so glad I'm not the only one that takes years sometimes.

  7. Great list - good luck with your hustling. I'm hoping to make some good progress too.

  8. You have a great list - beautiful projects!! Thank you for joining in :)

  9. Beautiful projects! Isn't it 'amazing' how they accumulate...Happy hustling

  10. Great list! Good luck with getting it all done.

  11. Look at you there, You have quite the list too! Oh its so hard not to start new projects!!


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