Thursday, 6 September 2012

Getting Things Done in a Timely Fashion

How do you get things finished?
 Do you procrastinate or do you roll up your sleeves and get at it?
It's easy to do the first but have you any idea just how much you can get done in,let's say,
15 minutes?
Ironically, I was checking out who's doing what this evening and popped in for a visit with
The Fuzzy Hat Quilter and wouldn't you know the topic of the post was"Time"!
Sew, I grabbed the button and I'm joining in,
I might even get in an extra 15 here & there!
I've been utilizing the "Madame Samm" way of time management with my
trusty chicken above. It's a real eye opener and on the first day
of using this technique I found and extra 1-1/2 hours and my bathroom was spotless
and the linen closet had been sorted (I've been so putting this off) as well as my carpets vacuumed,
kitchen floor washed, the beds made, supper on the go, a load of laundry in the dishes washed!
Not bad since I was finished at 1:30 this afternoon and had my sewing time/me time
until 3:00 when the school bus dropped off my kiddos!
Not bad, eh?
So there you have it,
a couple of ways to gain a little time each day or whenever you need it!


  1. Wow! You are getting lots done. Maybe I better try that Chicken timer method!

  2. Hi Carolyn I just wanted to drop by and thank you for my last Quiltie, I have the brown puppy dog. Love it, thank you so much from a dog lover for sure!! Hugs Marilou


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