Thursday, 18 October 2012

Look Out...I'm ready to EXPLODE!!

Excuse me for this but
I am so pissed off right now I'm about ready to scream
or throw my machine out the front door!
"Why, Carolyn, what's the matter?"
you maybe asking.
This! This has been happening for the past three hours!
I quilt along, everything is fine then all of a sudden my machine
(whose name is Mud, right now) starts this.
Out comes the GrimRipper and we spend some time together.
I rethread, check bobbin case, take any little bit of fuzz and pluck it out,
say a prayer and try again.

Just when I'm feeling rather confident and think that,
"Yes, I will have this ready to take on Monday to my Granddaughter"!
Wait for it....
more of the same!!! Grrrrr!!!
I have a question for those in the know,
do the BOBBIN WASHERS help eliminate this from happening?


  1. Bobbin Washers? Are you talking about the cardboard on pre wound bobbins? I never leave those on and I use them in both my Bernina and Janome. if i get birds nests like these I usually try to rethread the upper thread, rewind a new bobbin that hoes wirh my machine, clean the bobbin case and put in a new needle and maybe. Drop of oil. I try everything except I never mess with my bobbin tension. Tension can be a Biddy and that is NOT the name I would prefer to use. Hope you can get it workin.....

  2. YES! I use the Teflon covered bobbin inserts. I have a link to where to buy them on one of my blog posts. They are amazing. That also looks like a tension issue. Do you know how to set the tension on your bobbin case? I disagree with Kathy about adjusting bobbin tension (respectfully). Harriet Hargrave taught me how to set the tension on my bobbin. If you have a Bernina, let me know and email me your phone number and I'll call you and tell you how to do it. Hope that helps.

  3. I agree with Bev. I use the Little Genie magic bobbin washers in my machine. I would also suggest that you get a second bobbin case if you want to try adjusting the bobbin tension. Leave one set at the factory setting and use the other for sewing in which you want to adjust the tension.

  4. I hope the bobbin washer does the trick. I haven't tried them. I feel for you! (I've had my frustrations at times with quilting too.)

  5. if it's the thread on the bottom of your project that is getting messed up, then it's the top thread (not the bobbin) that's the problem. Make sure you're re-threading that! Do you thread with one hand and use ht other to hold the thread down right where it comes off the spool? that always helps. And, make sure your pressure foot is up. good luck!

  6. When my machine does that (it is a Pfaff) my dealer said it was because the thread in the upper tension disks have come out. You usually can know it is happening when your machine makes a funny clunking sound. Sometimes you can catch it fairly quick by listening to the sound. I usually rethread the top of my machine every hour to prevent this from happening.

  7. Did you change the needle and re-thread the machine? Those are the first things I do when I have any sort of tension problems. Hope you get it worked out!

  8. I have a Pfaff and when that happens I know to rethread everything, even take the bobbin out and replace it. Sometimes it doesn't set right the first time. I don't use any of those bobbin things. However, sometimes I find that really taking my machine apart (if all else fails) and giving it a good cleaning helps. Good luck.

  9. Oh Carolyn, I am feeling your pain. But must admit the cartoon at the top gave me a chuckle. Hope all of these tips help you.

  10. Yes...the bobbin washer help big time!! Speaking from experience!! Hugs

  11. No idea what a bobbin washer is, and I use the stitch regulator with Bernina and that just works for me. Not cheap, but does the job. Mond you I am sure there are plenty who would disagree.

  12. Duff is correct - if it is on the bottom then the tension on top needs to be adjusted.

    1. Thank you for your feedback, everyone's advice was a huge help and I did get the problem resolved. My grandkids have their quilts in their hands as we speak!


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