Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Occupy Your Sewingroom

Thank you Barb!!
I've managed to get quite abit of time in my sewingroom (aka, my table in the diningroom) during

I finished my wallhanging that I had entered in
Christmas Quilt Show.
I didn't win but I did get one vote,
funny what can put a smile on your face!

I also put together 16 of these Wonky blocks for a memory quilt from my
father-in-laws shirts.
This is going to be a gift for my hubby at Christmas.
(I can't get a picture yet since hubs is home with a terrible cold)

Then there was this little "postcard"

I finished this little table runner just when I needed to dress up a small table.

This angel was alot of fun to pull together from a piece of upholstery fabric an old wooden bead and yarn.
too cute

Can there ever be too many Santas?
I think not!!
Do you see Bullet's rottweiler Santa?
 Finally my crazy chicken  well rooster really but who's counting?
I have to do something about the eye yet, it's a little too freaky like this!!

So that's about it,
not too bad for 1 weeks worth of intense sewing, piecing, pressing!
I know there's some finishing to do but on the whole I don't think I would have got anywhere near this much accomplished on my own
once again Thank You, Barb!!


  1. These things are just precious! I'm so glad you joined in.

  2. Wow, you made great use of your week too. I love your projects, and the freaky chicken!! hahaha My quilting sista would go gaga over him!! :-)

  3. I just love all the projects you worked on especially the crazy chicken.
    Happy days.


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