Thursday, 1 December 2011

I Cut and I Cried

I finally did it!
Awhile back I posted pics of shirts from my Father-in-law,
he passed away in May of this year.
It took me until this week to make the first cut,
yes it was met with tears but I managed to gather up my courage
and push on.
I know he would have gotten a good chuckle knowing that his shirts
were becoming a Wonky Star Quilt. The name would bring a smile to his face.
I'm going to add this quilt's completion to my list for

On another note
I had a
and nobody showed up!
Yep!! Nobody!!
Talk about deflated, I've no idea what went wrong.
So here's what I'm going to do,
the first comment left on this post will win!
Could it be any easier?


  1. I don't know what you are giving away that no one commented on. That is a sad thing for a Blogger! Your comments made me smile this morning when I read my Christmas Quilt Post on my Blog.

  2. What are you giving away? I didn't know about it. Your post touched me today. What a wonderful idea to use his shirts to make a quilt. Hugs,C

  3. I love this wonky star. I bet he would be so proud of you. I would have cried as I cut too, but it's so sweet of you to do. This will be something to be treasured always. As for the give-a-way. Sorry I didn't know about your blog. I found on from the SewCalGal's Christmas Show. Your Christmas quilt is outstanding. I thought I love the Christmas tree most - until I saw the snowmen!! How cute they are - and rottie too!!!


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