Wednesday, 9 March 2016

I Swear My Head Is Going To Explode!

I have checked out so many sewing machines that they're all looking like this to me!
Buying a car is easier.
I want to treat myself to a new machine but wading through all the options is exhausting and I don't think I'm any closer to a decision. I do know I'd like to go computerized. I've always sewn on a mechanical and have had the good, the bad and the downright ugly experiences to go with them. I have read and re-read reviews until I can't see straight and today I called the few retailers and one repair shop close by to seek their knowledge. The repair shop's opinion was to give Brother a wide berth and go with Kenmore. The first retailer/distributor I spoke with was all computer and no way to mechanical (I was debating as to the repairs and maintenance of the computerized machines) and the third sells Bernina but said she sews on a 20 year old Janome computerized machine at home and loves it.
What's even more frustrating is that the majority of the machines I'm looking at are unavailable in a store near me to "test drive", most are sold online for my budget of around $500.00. 
What machine do you sew on? Do you love it or loath it? 


  1. I use a Janome 6600P and I love it. It is not in your price range. There are lots of other Janome models. I have an old(er) Kenmore 19606 that was made by (and rebranded as) Janome. It is smaller but is a very sweet machine.
    My other brand of choice would be a Juki as I know many quilters who use and love a Juki.
    If you can't find a store, can you perhaps find a local guild and see if someone has the machine you would like to test drive?

  2. If I were to buy a new machine today, I would get either a Juki or a Janome. The two machines I have now are very old, but both are workhorses ... a 20+ year old Viking #1 and a 63 year old Featherweight. Good luck with your decision.

  3. One other thought. Do any of the stores near you sell used machines? That would be another option. A lot of times people trade in their machine just to upgrade to a newer model even if nothing was wrong with the old machine.

  4. I have a Bernina 380 at home and love it, but it's out of your price range. For my new shop I found a circa 1980s Bernina 930 Record for $250. It is an electronic machine but not computerized. I have been really impressed with it and love using it at the shop. Good luck! I feel your pain as I've been there too. My first machine was a Husqvarna. I bought it used from a dealer. They had a policy that if you traded up within one year of purchase, and your machine passed inspection, they would give you the amount you paid for your first one (minus tax) in credit toward your next machine. I bought two machines from them using this deal to finally get the one I wanted. It was the only way I could afford it.

  5. if you don't have a feather weight you are missing some thing

  6. I so understand your fustration. I went through that when I shopped for a machine the first time but I was able to visit a bunch of shops locally to try a few out. I know people love their Berninas but they are way too expensive in my opinion. A lot of the Janome machines have a small throat. Both my first machine and my current machine are Brothers (not the big box store versions) and I haven't had any problems at all. Whatever you choose, good luck!


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