Sunday, 12 July 2015

Are You Up for a Challenge?

I've signed up with Val's Quilting Studio for a challenge of a different kind!  

 Saving all the found, lost and accumulated change you come across on a day to day basis in a piggy bank or vessel of your choosing to spend, at a later date, on some quilt and stitchery pleasure.
 I'll be saving towards some floss and Aida cloth as well as quilt fabric (not sure what yet).
 Just think, a lovely little (or large) stash next July.
 Every penny counts.
Join the challenge and see how much you can sock away!  
 Grab a jar, bottle or bowl and start saving!

Happy Stitching ")


  1. Thanks for joining Carolyn!! It will be fun!

    1. Mark your calendar as July 6th is the day we count!! Can you believe it's been almost a year already!

  2. Growing like a little plant! I like that picture.

  3. Sounds like a fun challenge - good luck with it.


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