Friday, 15 August 2014

Scraps! The Sequel

The PURGE continues in my little corner of the world!

Above is my third quilt top from my abundant supply of scraps!

The second flimsy.

The first quilt top. I had no idea I had so many scraps!

I had an absolutely hideous hanging lamp 
(I should have taken a before shot).
I'm talking Ugly, green pleated plastic!!
Then an epiphany hit me and abracadabra, hocus - pocus!
I love orange and it brightens up my boys reading area.
Win/Win!! YEP!


  1. What gorgeous scrap quilts. I think scrap quilts are "the real thing."

  2. I'm working steadily, as slow as a turtle but steady, on getting stuff out of my sewing room. A little bit of progress every week! blessings, marlene

  3. Scraps seem to multiply like rabbits. Even when you use the scraps, the pile doesn't seem to get smaller. I love making scrap quilts because you just grab and sew ... no thinking about this color needs to go here and that color needs to go there, etc. Did you cover the lamp shade with fabric?

  4. You certainly put your scraps to great use Carolyn! It feels great to make something out so nice out of little bits that a lot of people would throw away, doesn't it?

  5. I dare say you might be earning the title of Mistress of Scrap Quilts too! :)

  6. Your quilts are beautiful! And I love the lamp. :)

  7. Hi: Your quilts are beautiful. I used to quilt when my eyes were younger. Blessings, Martha


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