Sunday, 22 September 2013

no sewing just...

I'm still here but drowning in clutter and renos and some difficult times.
I haven't even set up my sewing space!  Sad, I know.
On the up side I have laid a laminate floor in the livingroom,
 linoleum in the bath, refinished the kitchen cupboards (just need to finish the doors),
primed the livingroom walls (I'll get those painted this week), all on my own.

 The difficult times  involve our beautiful Bullet. 
She started having some troubles on our Holiday from Hell in August. 
She has been diagnosed with spinal exostoses. 
For now her medication is keeping her comfortable and her tail wagging.
We've been experiencing more difficult times involving our foster daughter,
hence Holiday from Hell. Let's just say everyone has their breaking point.


  1. I was just checking up on you yesterday, funny you posted something today. So sorry to hear about your dog and the vacation hell, do you at least have running water yet.

  2. Good to hear from of luck and WOW on your remodeling work!

  3. Sounds like your cup is running over and over and over. Hopefully you'll soon be able to sit back and admire all the renos YOU did. Sorry you are having difficult times right now. Prayers to you, your family and your precious Bullet. Hang in there Carolyn.

  4. I'm so sorry but I can only hope that things will get better for you soon. Hugs.

  5. You are being very busy. Hopefully in the not too distant future you will have a space and time for sewing. Sorry to hear about Bullet but it's good to know she is comfortable and her tail is still wagging. Hugs.


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