Saturday, 11 February 2012

Christmas Quilt Along...HELP PLEASE!

Does this combo  work?       
be honest
I don't mind criticism.
                                     It's just that I'm awful when it comes to this type of thing. 
                                                       I'd rather do some stash busting
                                                            but if this isn't going to work,
                                                                 I'll have to purchase :(


  1. Hmm...lets see - I'd use the dark blue with the snowflakes as the dark; the mid blue (second in on the left hand pic) as the medium (OR the beige in the middle of the stack, left hand pic); and the light blue (second in, right hand pic) for the light; then use the very pale beige (in the left hand pic) as the background.

    Mind you, I love that rich red with the snowflakes, but I would struggle to match it.

  2. On the first pic i would eliminate the checkard blue and One of the tan flowers, then add the light blue flowers, and white with blue outlineed bunnies?. See how that looks. But keep in mind, picking fabric that go well together is not my strong suit:/

  3. In my opinion, the group on the right all works together. In the group on the left, I would remove the light blue. I always like working from my stash, too.

  4. Do you want a red quilt or a blue quilt? If blue, I think Hazel's absolutely got it. If you want red, I would use that gorgeous dark red with the 1st and 3rd fabrics in the same picture as your medium and light and then try and use a white for the background or the red, with the top beige as the background, the 3rd fabric as your light and find a darker beige/tan for the medium. There, that was probably no help at all. Do remember though that the quilt doesn't have to be made in Christmas fabrics at all. After all, look at the fabrics I'm using!

  5. Well that's given you some food for thought, Carolyn! Thank you for coming to the Christmas QAL party, and I look forward to seeing you next month at Joanna's!


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